Workshops & Field Trips

Four workshops and field trips will be organized over the duration of the project. Goal is to build strategic and integrated planning capacities through the exchange of knowledge and experience between German and Polish municipalities.

While the overall focus will be on developing strategic and integrated planning capacities, issues such as small-scale renewable energy approaches, energy efficiency in public buildings, private sector financing, and stakeholder engagement will also be discussed. The thematic focus of the workshops will be determined in consultation with partners and municipalities, and respond to the identified demand. The field trips will consist of visits of good practice projects and facilitate exchanges with the respective experts involved in the projects. 


Kick-off Workshop at the International Conference on Climate Action (ICCA 2015)

At the occasion of the ICCA 2015, which took place from October 1-2 in Hanover, Germany, municipal representatives from Poland, Germany and France discussed the benefits, obstacles and factors of success of city partnerships as a cooperation format for local climate action. The cities of Arras (France), Bielawa (Poland), Herten and Essen (Germany) shared their experience, as well as representatives from the German Federal Agency for the Environment (UBA), Climate Alliance and adelphi.

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2015 Workshop in Herten, Germany

The workshop, which took place from 8-9 December 2015 in Herten, Germany, brought together high-level representatives from German and Polish municipalities to discuss integrated approaches to energy efficiency in buildings and its related coordination processes.

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2016 Workshop in Czestochowa, Poland

The workshop hosted by the City of Czestochowa, Poland, from 7 - 9 June 2016 focused on the energy management in the city. Topics discussed by Polish and German municipal representatives included energy monitoring in public facilities, involvement of non-municipal actors city-wide, and innovative financing to deliver energy savings.

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2017 Workshop in Essen, Germany

As part of European Mobility Week 2017, Polish and German municipalities explored the potential of sustainable mobility for liveable cities and municipalities from 19 to 21 September. adelphi and PNEC organised and moderated the three-day workshop, the highlight of which was a multimodal field trip in Essen.

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2018 Workshop in Warsaw, Poland

From 12-13 June 2018, adelphi and PNEC held a workshop in Warsaw entitled "Taking action for climate mitigation! Participation of citizens and other non-municipal actors". As part of the workshop, representatives of the participating municipalities explored options and instruments for the targeted involvement of non-municipal actors in the planning and implementation of climate change mitigation measures.

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