Kick-off Workshop at the International Conference on Climate Action (ICCA 2015)

City partnerships can provide a useful platform to facilitate peer-to-peer learning, allow for the exchange of experience and know-how, and stimulate innovative ideas and solutions in the field of climate and energy. Many city representatives are motivated to enhance and advance their climate and energy activities and have genuine interest in learning from cities in neighboring countries. Yet, while hundreds of city partnerships currently exist across Europe, the bulk of them are restricted to cultural exchanges, typically through school twinning. Issues related to climate and energy play often a marginal role and are considered in only a few partnerships.

The workshop followed a twofold objective:

  • Learn from initial experiences made in France, Germany and Poland, and present two supporting programs (from Climate alliance and adelphi)
  • Discuss how existing partnerships may be further supported and/or how new ones may be brought to life – either building on existing twin cities programs or by establishing brand new partnerships.

Presentations and discussions focused on identifying the benefits, obstacles and factors of success of such a cooperation format for local climate action.


Read more about the outcomes of the workshop here:

Moderator's Conclusions of Workshop at ICCA 2015


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