Herten & Szczytno

Official Partnership

In 2009 the mayors of Herten and Szczytno signed their partnership agreement. Since then exchanges and meetings have been taking place on a regular basis, such as field trips for representatives of local governments or associations and student exchanges, as well as cultural events (e.g. art exhibitions).

Cooperation on low-emission economy

Within the framework of the project, both cities decided to extend their cooperation on topics related to low-emission economy with a focus on energy efficiency. They would like to both improve the awareness of their citizens for climate action and support greenhouse gas emissions reductions. The following ideas for joint cooperation have been identified:

  1. Education: Cooperation between students, teachers and experts on low-emission topics (school exchange). The partners are currently considering to which extent this cooperation can take place via the Erasmus+ eTwinning, an online platform hosted by the European Commission where students can jointly work on projects.
  2. Energy auditing and consulting for businesses: Herten’s Öko.Profit Programme for realizing energy savings by means of low-scale investments could serve as model project for the Chamber of Crafts in Szczytno.
  3. Energy savings in private households and public buildings: To assess the potential for realizing energy savings, the partner cities of Herten, Szczytno and Arras (France) plan to collect and compare the specifications of their respective energy performance certificates. 
  4. Energy auditing and retrofitting consulting for private buildings: How to convince home owners of the long-term benefits of retrofitting? The city of Herten has already reached out to home owners in this respect and will share their presentation with Szczytno. In the meantime, Szczytno will assess which target group would be most suitable for knowledge-building in this respect (owners’ associations, craftsmanship associations, representatives of the banking sector).

Bilateral meetings within the project

14.-15.06.2018 in Szczytno

06.11.2017 in Herten

24.-25.11.2016 in Szczytno


German and Polish partner cities start working on projects for low-emission economy (20.12.2016)

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