2018 Workshop in Warsaw

From 12-13 June 2018, adelphi and PNEC held a workshop in Warsaw entitled "Taking action for climate mitigation! Participation of citizens and other non-municipal actors".

As part of the workshop, representatives of the participating municipalities explored options and instruments for the targeted involvement of non-municipal actors in the planning and implementation of climate change mitigation measures. The aim was to identify, address and specifically activate actors. Experts from Poland and Germany delivered input leading to lively discussions, because almost all participating municipalities had already gained experience with participatory processes - though not always the positive type. Practical exercises helped the participants in applying what they have learned to concrete cases and to discuss the results in the larger group as well as with experts. In the end, the potential of participatory processes within the framework of energy clusters, which currently have many municipalities in Poland, was discussed. A large feedback session in a collegial atmosphere, a group photo and the presentation of the traveling exhibition formed the conclusion of three years of project work.

Read more in the Moderator's Conclusions Consultation Meeting #5

For practical advice and inspiration, take a look at the Guidance Notes "Shaping communication and participation for local climate action"

To access the expert presentations from the workshop, visit the Downloads section.

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