Travelling Exhibition

With a traveling exhibition (Exhibition Roll-Ups) on the topic "Enhanced quality of life in low-emission cities" adelphi applied positive and exemplary examples on the topic of energy saving, energy effiencey, and sustainable mobility in cities. The examples, which mainly come from German and Polish participant municipalities of the project, illustrate particularly successful strategies for reducing emissions. In addition, the exhibition shows positive side effects municipal climate protection measures can develop, presenting some results from the project.

The exhibition was presented to a broad audience of local actors on various occasions and networking events in the spring of 2018.

  • ClairCity conference in Sosnowiec, 25 April 2018
  • Conference and The General Assembly of Members of the PNEC Association in Zegrze, 16-17 May 2018
  • XII Forum of New Economy in Cracow, 24 April 2018
  • Training for the representatives of local governments in the framework of the TOGETHER project in Cracow, 7-8 May 2018
  • Final Consultation Meeting of the project in Warsaw, 12-13 June 2018
  • Regional conference in Ciechanowiec, 23-24 June 2018
  • In the City Hall of Siemiatycze, July and August 2018
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