City Partnerships

Our City Partnership Program supports partner municipalities in jointly developing tangible solutions for clean air, climate protection and socio-economic benefits on the local level. The overall objective is to strengthen sustainable cooperation between Polish and German municipalities. Four selected partnerships receive a series of services from adelphi and PNEC to realize a project - either jointly or in one of the municipalities with the expertise and feedback of the partner city.

 Our support includes:

  • One exclusive annual meeting (2016 to 2018), in addition to other project activities, in order to
    • visit projects in the partner city,
    • facilitate the development of ideas for the bilateral cooperation and
    • prepare for the implementation of a joint project.
  • Support in designing a working structure and roadmap for partnership activities corresponding to the municipalities’ interests and needs.
  • Invitation of experts to the meetings.
  • Support in identifying financial resources for the bilateral cooperation.
This project is funded by the German Federal Environment Ministry’s Advisory Assistance Programme (AAP) for environmental protection in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia and other countries neighbouring the European Union. It is supervised by the German Federal Environment Ministry and by the German Federal Environment Agency. The responsibility for the content of the website lies with the editors.