Rosbach vor der Höhe & Ciechanowiec

Official partnership

Rosbach vor der Höhe and Ciechanowiec have been developing their partnership since 1995, mostly through student exchange. Each year pupils from Ciechanowiec visit their colleagues in Rosbach. Local sports and economic associations are also actively involved in the cooperation.

Cooperation on low-emission economy

Ideas for potential focus of a common project first included mobility, street lighting and energy management in public buildings via climate-friendly consumer behavior and renewable heating.

With the cooperation project, Rosbach and Ciechanowiec aim at raising awareness among the local population for a sustainable municipality, notably regarding mobility.

As a start, both municipalities will participate jointly in the European Mobility Week in September 2018 by planning diverse actions in cooperation with local stakeholders such as schools, associations, clubs and businesses. The mobility action days shall raise awareness about the benefits of sustainable mobility and motivate participation among citizens of all age groups.

In parallel, both Rosbach and Ciechanowiec are eager to develop better bike infrastructure such as the construction of bike lanes alongside a new street (Ciechanowiec) or the development of existing cart-tracks into bike roads (Rosbach). The construction of bike parking facilities is foreseen as well (Ciechanowiec). On top of external funding, both municipalities have allocated respective financial budgets for the implementation of these measures.

Bilateral meetings within the project

26.-27.04.2018 in Rosbach vor der Höhe

17.-19.07.2017 in Ciechanowiec

24.-25.11.2016 in Rosbach vor der Höhe


First bilateral meeting between partner cities Rosbach v. d. Höhe  and Ciechanowiec (05.12.2016)

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