Cölbe & Kościerzyna

Official partnership

Cölbe and Koscierzyna have been partner cities since 1991. So far, school exchanges and visits of municipality officials have regularly taken place. The partnership’s 25th anniversary was a good occasion to revive their cooperation and to involve various groups from the civil society.

Cooperation on low-emission economy

Both cities have implemented ambitious measures in the field of renewable energies. Koscierzyna has already massively invested in public buildings refurbishments and will retrofit public lighting by the end of 2018, while Cölbe is well-known in the region for its car-sharing project initiated by citizens. They are now looking to bring this dimension to their bilateral cooperation. A common interest lies in raising awareness on climate protection and rational energy use in the light of sustainable urban development.

To this end, both municipalities identified energy-related refurbishment as a priority for cooperation. Each partner city wants to identify buildings which may become model houses for energy-related refurbishments, possibly including the installation of renewable energy facilities (PV for instance). Under consideration are three building categories: private homes or buildings (built from 1960-1989), public buildings and historic buildings, whereas the pivotal target objects are private homes.

By performing model refurbishments and opening them to the wider public, the partner cities wish to provide an incentive and motivate home owners to refurbish their own house.

In addition to this, the partners would like to launch a campaign on how to use energy efficiently, promote related topics in the partner cities’ youth exchange programme and foster the cooperation between local associations active in this field. 

Bilateral meetings within the project

23.-24.05.2018 in Cölbe

07.-08.06.2017 in Kościerzyna

16.12.2016 in Warsaw


German and Polish partner cities start working on projects for low-emission economy (20.12.2016)


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